Installing Logitech Media Server (SlimServer / Squeezebox Server) On QNAP

Squeezebox Server used to be a supported App within the QNAP standard library – but QNAP removed support in 2015/2016.

SSODS used to be another solution – but is complex and fragile to install.

Use the QNAP Docker solution “Container Station” to load a pre-built image.

This procedure should work on any QNAP that supports the ContainerStation App.

Here are the Steps:

Install QNAP ContainerStation App from the QNAP web interface

Open Container Station


Click + Create Container

Search image for “justifiably

Click “Create”

Click “Advanced Settings”

Click “Network”, change Network mode to “Host”

Click “Shared Folders”, Click “Add” in the “Volume from host” section. Select the music share e.g. /Multimedia and specify the mount point withing the Container e.g. /mnt/Multimedia

Click “Create”

It will take a few minutes to install (network sped dependent). Click “Overview”

Click the “Start” button.

You should now be able to access the Squeezebox Server web interface at port 9000 e.g. http://<ip address of the QNAP>:9000

Click “Next”

Set the Local Music Folder to be /mnt/Multimedia – click Next

Set the Playlists Folder to be /mnt/Multimedia (you could specify another shared folder when creating the Container if necessary). Click Next and Finish

Your Music library should now scan and you should be able to play music.

Confirmed Working

This procedure has been used to install Logitech Media Server (LMS) / Squeezbox Server / Slim Server on  the following devices:

  1. QNAP HS-251+ (firmware

Not Working

Any QNAP NAS that doens’t support “Container Station”

  • TS-210
  • TS-212P
  • etc