Controlling a Blackmagic Designs ATEM Switch from a Browser


I use a Blackmagic Designs Production Studio 4k switch at the centre of my video production equipment.

Often I make the videos alone so need to fulfill the roles of presenter, camera operator, director etc…

The BMD ATEM control software works well for a multi-crew environment.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 17.05.09

I wanted a simple interface to control the basic input selection for Program and Preview outputs – but my main motivation was to have single button press control of the Aux source selection.

I use the Aux output to feed the in-room projector for live events. This allows me the option to choose what is displayed on the projector without affecting the program output (which is typically being captured to disc and/or live streamed).

My typical Production Studio 4K is connected as shown:


I’ve written a small NodeJS application that I run on a Raspberry PI. The application communicates over Ethernet with the Blackmagic Designs switch.

I can then open a web browser on any PC, Mac, iPad, Android and be able to see and control the AUX, PROGRAM and PREVIEW sources on the ATEM switch.

The application is event based so also reacts to changes made using the Desktop ATEM control software or any other browser instances.

I’ll add another post with details on the software….

See it in action on this YouTube clip

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