Cameras for use with Blackmagic Designs Switchers

The Blackmagic Designs switches (TV Studio, Production Studio 4K etc) require all inputs and outputs to be running at the same resolution and frequency.

Blackmagic Design Switches
Blackmagic Design Switches

I wanted to use consumer grade cameras and computers as inputs and computer monitors and a projector for the outputs.

Finding a full technical specification on consumer grade cameras is very difficult. They will often say “Full HD” or 1080 resolution but fails to mention the frame rate. It is also hard to find information to confirm if they will product a ‘clean’ HDMI live feed without any overlay.

I’ve chosen to run my BMD Production Studio at 1080p50.

I can easily configure the HDMI outputs of my PC / Mac / Chromebook / Raspberry Pi to output in 1080p50.

The consumer cameras I’m using are:


SONY – HDR-CX405 – clean feed at 1080p50

These SONY camera are actually very good and not too expensive. The menu system allows you to control the output and supports:

  • 1080p50
  • 1080i50
  • 720p25 (need to check this again)

The HDMI feed is clean. The camera can be used without a memory card installed.

Canon Legria HF R606

Canon Legria HF R606 - 1080p50 only
Canon Legria HF R606 – 1080p50 only

The Canon outputs a clean HDMI feed but only supports 1080p50 resolution on the live HDMI output. The camera can be used without a memory card installed.


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